Ch. 9 Urbanization

This chapter has strong focus on models. Make sure that you understand the Concentric Zone Model, the Sector Model, and the Multiple Nuclei Model. Know who created each model. Also, you need to the five hearths of urbanization for the quiz.

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Ch. 13 Environment

I was by and large very pleased with the work everyone did on the Ch. 13 writing quiz. Everyone seemed to understand the basic questions, and most students went into some detail to support their answers. Some suggestions:

1. When giving examples, be specific as possible. Don’t just write “China pollutes a lot.”, write “China’s heavy industry uses a great deal of coal, which leads to more greenhouses gas emissions.”

2. Watch the clock. A lot of students spent a lot of time on questions 1 and 2, but it was clear they were rushed in answering question 3. On the AP Human Geography exam, you will have 75 minutes to answer 3 questions. Make sure you allocate enough time to each question.

3. Some of you are still writing one massive paragraph, which is very hard to read. When writing under a time constraint when you don’t have much time to revise your work, remember a simple rule. A new idea, a new paragraph.

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Ch. 12 Industry

We are going to go with a vocab quiz for this section due to the snow days, but we will return to the topic in some detail when we talk about Globalization and when we review for the exam.

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Ch. 11-Agriculture

As we endure another snow day, you need to be thinking about Chapter 11, Agriculture. This is one of the first chapters we have that has “a model” to explain geography. In this case, the Von Thunen Model.

For the chapter test, and the AP exam, this is an important model you need to know. For the Chapter 11 exam, you will need to know the Von Thunen Model, and you need to be able label rings 1-4, and give some background on Von Thunen.

IF we have school tomorrow (Feb. 10th) we will have a A-B-B schedule for the rest of the week. If we have no more snow days, we should have the test on Feb. 17th and 18th.

Mr. Halevy

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Chapter 7-Religion

Welcome to the 2nd Semester! This chapter is one that is quite interesting, but we need to think of testing this chapter in terms human geography.

Specifically, that means we need to think about test questions in terms of when religions started, where various religions started, how they spread.

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Semester Exam

We are coming up on the semester exam. The best advice I can give is to review chapters 1-6 for the exam. Don’t try to read them all at once. Break the chapters into managable chunks as you study. If you have any questions, please feel free to post a comment and I will answer them as soon as a I can!

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Fiddler on the Roof

I hope you are enjoying the movie. As you watch, think on the following themes.

  • What role does language play in this film? (or more correctly, what role would language play if everyone was not speaking English)
  • What role does religion play in this film?
  • How big a role does tradition play in the identity of Tevye?

For Tevye and his family, is religion his culture? Can he separate his religion from his identity?

What are relations like between the Jews and the Russians in Anatevka?

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On studying

On of the problems I think students deal with is how to tie what is in the textbook to what is on the test. As you learned on the last reading quiz, you need to read everything in the chapter.

Some thoughts:

As you read, take notes. What have we talked about in class? Is there anything in the chapter that ties into that? Are there any examples you can use to better explain the chapter?

You also need to tie things back to previous chapters. As you read about language in Belgium, think of other aspects of life in Belgium. Which part of Belgium (Flemish or Wallonian) has a higher birthrate? What is the political culture like? How does each side view the role of government?

I would also suggest that you buy one of the AP Human Geography study guides. You can find them at Barnes and Noble and Borders. There are a number of them, so I would suggest you take some time in the store to look through the book and see which one you like best. Read the study guide, and then read the chapter, and I think you will find that this will help you with your studying.

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The Secret of Roan Inish

I hope you all enjoyed this film, because you will be seeing it as a test question. The question(s) will focus on the role language plays in telling the story. This question will likely be an essay question.

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One of the terms that you will see in Chapter 5 is Gender. For human geography, this term has a lot of meanings. The most basic is that of classification. There are women and there are men. But for us it has another meaning that will become one of our essay questions. That is the idea of gender in terms of power.

Your book talks about dowry deaths in India. We will talk about both dowry deaths and the concept of honor killings, and what that means for women in terms of their political power and their place in their society.

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